A Paid Search Solution No One Else Offers

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Lead Management System

There are literally thousands of paid search firms boasting of their unique abilities in driving down your cost per click and improving upon your cost per acquisition. Few, however – like only five in the country – can say they were one of the original members of Google’s Agency Land (now called Agency Edge) and are recognized by Google as a contributing industry thought-leader with a state-of-the algorithmic, IP-based solution.  LightFire is pleased to partner with the most advanced paid search agency in the country with clients that include Time Warner Cable,, Volvo,  and Trump Network.

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Many agencies today use a mishmash of resources to manage their keyword buys –ranging from third-party solutions like Marin and Kenshoo, to the old-school excel spreadsheet. LightFire’s best-in-class partner is among the first to receive word of Google changes and can therefore stay ahead of the competition and the marketplace. They manage a mix of online media including Google, Bing, Facebook, RightMedia, Superpages, and more.

The system tracks a visitor before and after an inquiry and sale is made, maintains conversion-based optimization in real time and “learns” the account without human number crunching and includes such features as call tracking, mobile search, localized campaigns, and remarketing as part of the comprehensive solution. A state-of-the-art reporting dashboard is available to the client, including a 50-person staff of trained specialists ready to assist with your account. The results of your campaign are also integrated with your offline advertising to determine market “lift” and evaluate if dollars spent on outdoor, transit, radio, print, direct mail, or television are driving results to your company or school website.

To learn more on how LightFire can support your business through paid search, contact us today at 877-868-9666 for a no-obligation assessment.  We work with a wide range of clients across numerous verticals—including Telecommunications, Education, Government Institutions, Consumer Packaged Goods, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Finance, Food & Beverage, B2B, Travel and Luxury, and more.

‘Mouse’ing Around With Technology

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Tired of mousing around with lead aggregators and affiliates that say they generated their lead online, when in reality an offshore call center was dialing for dollars? Educa Worldwide has partnered with uber-transparent ZU, Inc, a boutique-style lead generation company, to give clients a clear picture…or should we say video…of what their prospects are doing online.

Technology now exists that give clients the ability to see see a video of the prospect scrolling through their website page and filling out their inquiry form. The short videos are appended to each record in the Educa Worldwide lead management system (LMS) and shared with clients wanting that “seeing-is-believing” confirmation.

Some of the most cynical of online marketing gurus might suggest that call centers conducting outbound dials to cold, less convertising lists can still pre-populate the form as is they are an organically produced visitor. The answer is, yes, they can, but Mouseflow also captures the date and time of the recording, the user’s IP address, and browser type among other key forms of data. If leads are all coming from the same IP, you know something’s fishy.

To learn more about this and other cool technology trends, give Educa Worldwide a shout at 314-678-7888 for details.