Integrity and True Transparency With Zu

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We’re always on the look out for the most reputable, online sources for qualified inquiries at a price that won’t break the bank and ensure quality conversion inquiry to sale. Educa Worldwide decided if we can’t find it, we’d build it. A group of close associates formed a new company called Zu. You can check our their site here. The idea is to provide total transparency in business-to–consumer verticals that are anything but — one of the worst being adult education.

Zu’s business model is built around five core guarantees that no one else seems to offer: 100% contact rate (yes, I said contact rate), 100% transparency, 100% compliance, 100% client exclusivity, and 100% data integrity. We think that’s a lot to offer, so we’ve begun using them as one of our core providers on campaigns ranging from adult education to automotive services. If you think there’s a fit for your organization, give them a call at 888-964-0122. Oh, and extension 403? That routes to the company dog.